Package 1  £1200

I offer a birth package which is a 24 hour on call support via email, textphone and/or in person for 4 weeks surrounding your due date (this is not set in stone ,as a due date is estimated and can change at anytime.),baby can be early or late so we stay relaxed and calm and play it by ear.

I keep in contact with you, getting lots of detail as to how you are doing closer to your due date, we chat about your birth plan, your likes and dislikes, i have various bits of information regarding what you would take into the birth centre or delivery suite or at home for yourself and your baby, your birth story and various positions that you are able to practice at home before your special day.

At a point you will call or text to let me know that you may be in labour, at that point i keep in contact with you over a period of time, making sure you ARE in labour, once your contractions are regular and have progressed, i then join you and your partner at home and help you focus and relax, making sure everything stays nice and calm and at a point when your contractions are 3 to 5 minutes apart and have been consistent, we phone the midwife letting her know that we are nearly ready.

Once in the birthing suite i make sure that you are happy, still focused, nice and calm, making sure that your partners okay and knows what to do and answer any of his/her questions. Support, help and make sure everything goes as smoothly as you would have liked it to be.

When baby is born make sure that all three of you are happy, that baby has had skin to skin contact and has also tried to latch on, which always helps with  your confidence during breast feeding.

Once i know that you are all okay , i leave and wait for you to let me know when i am able to visit again, making sure you are able to get a well deserved rest.

When i do visit, we chat about your birth, answering any questions you may have and basically making sure you are okay and that baby is feeding well and is content.

The Price for Doula Package is £1200, i take a 50% deposit upfront and the balance once baby is born.

Package 2 £1350

Comprises Package 1 and Placenta Encapsulation (please ask for more info).